Am I?

…’You’re a Dream, itself!, she said!… ‘Am I?’, he exclaimed!, ‘Perhaps I am a dream to have, yet, can’t Have!’…


Did you know,

… as you get older there come times when you realise just for a moment the dual life you are living! your present-self and the past-self!

… The Lone Goblet!

… Had a purpose, you know. We all do. It just stood there. Seeking attention. To quench a thirst, perhaps. Or maybe the momentary sweet touch of the warm lips. We all need that warm touch. How momentary it may be. And that feeling, it thought it is it’s mere shattering existence. To feel, isn’t what’s it all about?

… The Long Road!

.. And the wind keeps roaring. And the sky keeps turning grey. And the sun is set. The sun will rise another day. 
I… I have wished for so long. How I wish for you today. Will I walk the long road? We all walk the long road.